The Corporate Registers Forum 2014 will be held in Rio de Janeiro from March 17th through March 25th, 2014. Forum: March 17 - 21, at the Rio Othon Palace Hotel, located on Atlantic Avenue No. 3264, in the Southern Zone of Rio de Janeiro, Study Week: March 24 – 25.

The event will bring together 500 entities in charge of business registration in several countries, and Brazil, including practitioners, researchers, technical advisors and leaders of national and international institutions in the field of business registration, among others interested in the theme of the event.

The central theme of the 11th edition of the CRF will be "Corporate registers as a means to achieve economic and social sustainability". The Forum will feature numerous speakers who will address a range of issues relevant to all involved in the activity of business registration. Many important presentations will be made to show that informality in a given economy can gradually be reduced through simplified mechanisms for business registration.

The CRF is an international non-governmental and non-profit organisation for administrators of corporate registers. The purpose of holding this annual event is to provide participants, both members and non-members of the CRF, the opportunity to review the latest developments in the sector of international business registration, enabling the exchange of experiences and information on current events and future prospects of this market.

Since the first edition of the CRF, held in 2003, the discussions proved that there is still much to be gained from the shared experience, and it is expected that labor relations and plans created in each edition can be improved in the years ahead. Since the completion of the 1st edition, the group has grown from 14 original members, to 44.
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